The Beginning

How do I begin?

I imagine this is the question everyone asks on beginning. I’ve been me for so long I don’t know how to speak it any more, if I ever did. It’s like training a new person at work to do a job you’ve been doing for five years. You can say this is what button to push and this is what the procedure is and this is where you put it when you’re done. But what about the one time in a hundred things don’t go that way? How do you explain instinct?

And being me is all about instinct.

I’m not going to tell you my story. I’m not going to say where I come from. This isn’t about what has or hasn’t happened. The memories I’ve held of it all are anyway corrupted by time and distance. Anything I say would be a lie, a mask, which I have used for too many years to hide myself from everyone, including me.

So I make you two promises:

I will try to show you who I am, as I discover it.

And I will never lie to you.

And that’s a start.

All images posted on this site are my own or are licensed under Creative Commons, unless otherwise credited (with the exception of the first 5 posts, where I didn’t know the rules yet. Apologies if it’s not allowed and please let me know!)


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